Display integration

GMN Aerospace is equipped with capabilities to serve your next in-flight entertainment project. Our front panel experience spans various industries including aerospace, medical, automotive, and heavy industry. We have more than a decade of display integration work, including touchscreen technologies and more. GMN Aerospace’s breadth of experience allows us to bring customers the best front panel solution, meeting both functional and aesthetic requirements, and at a competitive price.

Our front panel integration capabilities include:

  • Cover glass decoration – custom design solutions and printing
  • Touch screens and cover glass integration – Liquid optical bonding, gasket and perimeter adhesive integration, and
        optically clear film lamination
  • Switch panel manufacture – membrane (printed flex), etched flex, PCB, tactile/non tactile, backlight
  • Graphic overlay manufacture
  • Plastic housings and casing
  • Decorative components
  • Assembly
  • Display characterization and testing – equipped with a state of the art light lab

One of our most utilized bonding capabilities, liquid optical bonding, has served world-class manufacturers like John Deere. We have licensed Dupont™ Vertak® bonding technology to provide customers with high quality and durability in display enhancement technology. When used in the front panel integration of displays and touchscreens or decorated glass, the Vertak® optical bonding technology increases readability in bright sunlight, contrast, and improves impact resistant and overall durability.

As a vertically integrated supplier, our unique capabilities within front panel integration allow GMN Aerospace to satisfy the needs that would otherwise require the work of multiple suppliers.