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GMN Aerospace receives a Certificate of Appreciation at PNAA’s 2017 Annual Aerospace Conference

April O'Donahue accepts the PNAA Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of GMN Aerospace.

At the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance’s (PNAA) 2017 Annual Aerospace Conference dinner, GMN Aerospace received a Certificate of Appreciation for our donation to the PNAA Next Generation of Aerospace Workers Scholarship Program. The scholarship program serves students pursuing aerospace educations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, and 10 different colleges. Every year GMN Aerospace donates […]

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Backlighting solutions in the aerospace industry

There are endless backlighting opportunities throughout the aircraft cabin.

The adoption of backlighting technologies has become immensely popular within the aerospace industry. In both new aircraft designs and existing platforms, aerospace manufacturers are implementing backlit applications virtually everywhere throughout the cabin and flight deck. From passenger controls, to exit signage, LEDs have the capacity to replace a wide range of technologies present on today’s […]

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GMN Aerospace announces new long-term partnership with LIFT by EnCore

GMN Aerospace will be providing components for LIFT by Encore's Tourist Class Seat.

SEATTLE, Washington (January 19, 2017) GMN Aerospace is excited to announce that the company has been selected to partner with LIFT by EnCore to deliver components for their novel Tourist Class Seat. LIFT, an aircraft seating manufacturer, has caught the attention of the aerospace industry with the sleek, simple, and ergonomic design of their new […]

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GMN Aerospace’s new Model 80 series processor for metalphoto

GMN Aerospace's new Model 80 series processor will improve the efficiency of metalphoto production.

GMN Aerospace recently received a new metalphoto machine known as the Model 80 series processor. The Model 80 is a dry-to-dry plate processor that performs all processes for developing, fixing, water rinsing, and drying of plates. This is an ideal machine for GMN Aerospace’s high output and high quality needs. This machine can run all […]

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GMN Aerospace’s new capacitive touch demonstrator

GMN Aerospace's capacitive switch demo unit allows you experience capacitive switch technology firsthand.

With the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets, non-tactile touch technology has become the expectation in today’s marketplace. Consumers are accustomed to interacting with touchscreen user interfaces on a daily basis. This transition has caused industries to shift to capacitive switch technology. Capacitive switch technology provides a cost-effective solution for modern product designs. This technology […]

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GMN Aerospace holds first non-production VST workshop (part 2 of 2)

GMN Aerospace completed their first administrative VST workshop focused on the customer service department.

On the week of September 26th-30th, GMN Aerospace conducted a Value Stream Team (VST) event that was focused on our customer service department. In the past, we have held several VST events to improve our production processes, but this was the first time we have had one focused on the office and administration side. Our […]

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2016 Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference

GMN Aerospace attends the 2016 Lean & Six Sigma Conference.

On September 14th, Paul Michaels, GMN Aerospace Corporate Director, attended the 2016 Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference in San Antonio hosted by the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. This conference was an opportunity for GMN Aerospace to learn about the latest and most efficient ways to eliminate waste and improve quality within an […]

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Commercial space industry experiences steady growth

GMN Aerospace has many capabilities that can be applied within the commercial space industry.

The commercial space race has experienced a large amount of activity recently. The industry is seeing a steady increase in the amount of space start-ups, especially throughout the Seattle area. These companies are pursuing various space efforts including mining asteroids and lowering the cost of sending something into space by creating reusable rockets. But despite […]

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GMN’s San Jose, CA Division receives AS9100C certification

GMN Aerospace's San Jose, CA Division is now AS9100C certified.

GMN Aerospace would like to announce that our San Jose, CA Division recently received its AS9100C certification. Based off of the ISO 9001 quality system, AS9100C is a quality management system that is specific to the aerospace industry. The AS9100C requirements and regulations are necessary to effectively cater to the needs of the aerospace industry, […]

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GMN Aerospace holds first non-production VST workshop (part 1 of 2)

GMN Aerospace’s first non-production VST workshop will focus on our customer service department.

Due to our Lean Manufacturing initiative and dedication to continuous improvement, GMN Aerospace continually strives to enhance and refine our processes in order to increase efficiency, performance, and customer satisfaction. In recent months, GMN Aerospace has been involved in several Value Stream Team (VST) events concerning our manufacturing processes. During these VST workshops, we assemble […]

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